g9tro Crowdfunding Platform( g9tro) Will be Available on TarmEX on February 3, 2021, at 10:00 A.M UTC

g9tro Crowdfunding Platform ( g9tro ) Will be Available on TarmEX on January 3, 2021, at 10:00 A.M UTC

Fellow TarmEx Users,

We are excited to announce that TarmEx will open trading for g9tro/USDT , g9tro/ETH and g9tro/BTC trading pairs at 2021–02–03 10:00 A.M UTC

【Project Introduction】

go9Tro was created to bring connected, cooperative technology solutions to communities through low risk, high benefit partnership models. go9Tro Wireless, is a IoT Solutions provider, that empowers people to share data validation solutions, and profit from data mining of mobile devices in 100 countries.

G9Tro Wireless Network helps brick-and-mortar locations join the new world economy.

Go9Tro provides more value for your business internet customers with Crypto WiFi marketing.

Go9Tro provides the perfect IoT solution to replace expensive cryptocurrency mining rigs and staking software programs.

Learn More: https://www.go9trowireless.com/

1. Fee Schedule
2. Trading Rules

Risk warning: Crypto-currency investment is subject to high market risk. Please make your investments cautiously. TarmEX will make best efforts to choose high-quality coins, but will not be responsible for your investment losses.

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TamEx Team





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